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The absolute best way I could’ve treated myself. Karen and the rest of the staff is extremely professional and welcoming, and I absolutely ADORE my lips now. Thanks again to Nefertiti for giving me some great confidence!


I did my first microshading with Karen and I must say she made sure I was comfortable and in no pain. My brows looks amazing and I no longer have to worry about my brow makeup running if I’m sleeping or if I to take a dip in the pool. The healing process was fast it took me about 4-5 days to stop scabbing which really wasn’t bad at all. What I did appreciate was how she educated me in the difference between microshading and microblading. Karen is thee best!!


I did my eyebrows with Karen and she is amazing! My eyebrows came out just how I wanted them, they look very natural. I was scared that they were going to look like sharpie eyebrows, but I saw Karen’s previous work and felt more confident in allowing her to fix my brows. I have thin hair and someone messed up my eyebrows a while back at a threading salon. Now, thanks to Karen I save 10-20 minutes of my day since they look great. Karen has good grip on the tone to match your natural skin and hair color. I also felt little pain during the procedure, Karen makes sure that you are prepared so that it feels more relaxing and enjoyable. I am remmending her to everyone.


I have most of beautiful experience with Karen.I did my eyebrow first time.And she explained me every detail.
I love how she’s doing work with love and attention for detail.I trust her,because she know what to do.
It is woman with beautifully heart and soul.
I will coming soon ❤


I have been obsessing over my eyebrows ever since I was a young girl. I had a combination of bushy, thin and patchy eyebrows. Even my husband knows that I never left the house without “putting on my eyebrows”. I just felt a bit insecure and self conscious, especially worrying if my eyebrows rubbed off.
So when I learned about cosmetics eyebrow tattooing from Karen Quiles, I was excited and apprehensive. I never had a tattoo and adding one to my face of all places worried me.
Karen is such professional! Her calming spirit and abundant knowledge, education and experience about tattooing, art, cosmetics, healing and health, made her a perfect match.
She walked me through each step, explaining with meticulous detail what she was doing and what I would expected. At each step of the planning process (with precise measurements), she made sure I liked what I was seeing. Again, especially with never having a tattoo, I felt at peace and extremely confident in her abilities, knowledge and experience. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her for anyone seeking cosmetics tattooing!!! She’s the best!!!


Karen is an amazing artist and attentive professional. I got a lash enhancement line and lip tint done in her studio. She addressed all.of my concerns, explained the process before we started. She was very attentive to my comfort level and my satistifaction with the color and shape. She did not rush and was very focused on the fine details so that I was happy with the results. The best part is that it barely hurt! The liner did not hurt at all and the lips only a bit, closer to the inside of the lips. My liner and lips look great and I haven’t needed to wear makeup since I got it done!


11/10 Recommended… INCREDIBLE microshading job done on my eyebrows thanks to the one and only Karen Marie. For someone as myself whose never had any type of tattoo done. The experience was super smooth thanks to Karen explaining the entire process from eyebrow shape/color to the after care to having luscious full eyebrows. Awesome environment.

3 months after the procedure and my eyebrows healed so nice and beautiful. I love them!


Best experience ever! Thank you so much!


"Feeling like a new me"

Loved Karen's work. Already feeling like a new me.