Nefertiti is an Egyptian queen, her name translates to ‘the beautiful woman has arrived’. She is an icon and represents our main goal through our work; to enhance your features and true beauty.

We believe in cosmetic tattooing as a way of becoming more confident, of embracing our so-called flaws. We do not cover ‘mistakes’, we make each peculiarity stand out making you shine.



Karen earned her Masters in Cosmetic Enhancements at the Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences in Boca Raton, Florida. She has adopted the purpose of helping others rediscover their inner beauty and strives to inspire the world around her with her passion for life.

After Karen’s mom overcame breast cancer, she looked to medical tattooing to help her reclaim her body. Seeing how this empowered her mom sparked a deep calling in Karen. Now she dedicates her time to helping people like you feel their best. Her work is about enhancing natural beauty to allow the fullness of your inner beauty to shine through.

Karen takes time to find out what you are looking for, so she can help you express the power of your light within. She loves seeing her clients beam with confidence. She is here to help you feel your greatest love for yourself and express the fullness of your unique beauty.

‘Micropigmentation has given me the ability to help others achieve their inner vision of themselves. Medical tattooing is the final stage to a long process of recovery and I feel blessed to be able to assist in that discovery. Like Queen Nefertiti, I also believe we all possess a beautiful and divine glow. My intent is to help you spark that transformation from within, to ignite and rejuvenate your beauty. We are all full of colorful light bursting at the seams, we just need to tap into that power and allow it to shine. Not by manufacturing anything, but by tapping into the beauty you already feel inside and allowing the outside to match.’



Sabina is a Graphic Designer that in 2013 co-founded Iris Tattoo Studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a colorful and creative design-based proposal, the business soon started to grow giving her the opportunity to open a second tattoo Studio in Wynwood, Miami.

For 2019 Nefertiti was a reality, becoming the third Studio, first one for cosmetic tattooing in response to the willing of a team with skills worth sharing.



Hello, I’m Stefany from Nefertiti Cosmetic Tattoo and I’ll be guiding you to discover and enhance your beauty.

With more than 7 years of experience in the tattoo industry, I can proudly say that I’m part of a team that devotes themselves to finding the individual beauty in each client. It truly is a delight to see the happiness in our clients eyes from the results.

"Couldn't be happier!"

I wanted an everyday makeup look and that's exaclty what I got! Couldn't be happier!


A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to hold your appointment and goes towards the final cost of your tattoo.


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